Gota – Shivas Coffee Bar

We all are somewhere belongs to some responsibility towards our working life. We always get hungry or tempted to eat something at the the time of leaving our place of work. 

Now Let’s talk about the Shivas Coffee Bar in Gota. Gota is one of town or you can say its one of the area due to expansion of the Ahmedabad City, Gota is now a suburb of newly developing Ahmedabad. It is also the middle destination to Gujarat’s Capital Gandhinagar. We all are aware that Ahmadabad is the fastest developing city in India and also considered to be the best city to work and your career. Many of the IT companies like, VO Technolabs, and other multinational companies like Vista Prints and other giants. So the Ahmedabad becomes the prime location of many young and enthusiastic people to make their dream comes true.  It is one of the highest population city in Gujarat as well as also comes under top 10 cities in India. 

Considering the population and growth in every horizon there are many QFC [Quick Food Chain] Outlets and brands have entered into the city. Many of us before we were not aware about the Dunkin Donuts and Subway and Mc Donald’s but now a days the population of the city is enjoying every kind of food in QFC outlets as well as other Garden Restaurants and other National Cafes like Shivas Coffee Bar and others. Talking about the National Brands Shivas Coffee Bar is one of the most famous in Ahmedabad and now they are also expanding in other states and cities like Rajasthan and Maharashtra. They already have 20+ outlets and Gota is one of them. Please view some images for the Shivas Coffee Bar – Gota outlets. 

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